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Attention Ball-Jointed Doll People!

This girl found me on Flickr through a mutual love of glowing eyeballs and was super-nice enough to tell me how she gets the ultra AWESOME glow in her hand-crafted BJD eyeballs. You should check them out right here on her website (other BJD stuff too!). Even if you're not into dolls, you have to appreciate how cool these eyes are. Lots of neat pictures in her Flickr. There are animal eyes and neat clockwork/steampunk eyes as well. :D


Webbed fingers? On MY Barbies?

It has been dumping ALL of the snow on us today and tomorrow it'll be 20 below zero! Yay! I'm still at Beth's house; we're staying until AT LEAST Thursday, and after that the date of our exodus will depend on how bad the roads are. So in addition to sketching a lot to pass the time (which is good, and is getting the rust off), I've relapsed into a stupid obsession.

I have a dorkfession to make: I like Monster High dolls.

Well, okay. I like the fact that somebody's making vaguely alt-y, weird, Halloweeny dolls with a lot of poseability EVEN THOUGH it's kind of a thin veneer over the usual microskirts, heavy makeup and crippling platform shoes that come standard-issue with most "fashion dolls." But I have this one (surprise, the fish girl) and I waste way too much time looking at people's photos on Flickr trying to decide if I can justify buying another one or two of them, and thinking about customization.

NOOOOOO JB nooooo. I need to make toys. I guess I should learn Zbrush (aarrgh)?

Sometimes I want to wear a skirt or a dress. Sometimes I wanna feel PRETTY in a completely asexual way, like I did when I was nine and wearing a favorite dress on a field trip. Or, you know, I just want to wear a skirt because I like how it looks in an objective non-gendered way. I feel forced to dress butch if I'm leaving the house (especially on my own) because when some douchenozzle honks or yells out of his car window at me it is the grossest, scariest feeling imaginable.

I'm afraid that looking at all female makes me a potential target for rape.

I like a lot of butch style elements and a lot of the time I feel great in them, but there are also days where it's more of a necessary, protective shell.

Just been thinking a lot about this stuff lately. Tangentially related plug: The Genderplayful Marketplace. They reached their fundraising target! Look at my Barbies go!


I watched Taken and it annoyed me.

Yeah, that movie from a few years back with Qui-Gon Jinn being an avenging badass. It's almost too easy to be angry at; I can't possibly be the first to pick it apart and perhaps I am beating a dead horse here. Maybe it's famous for how hilariously misogynistic it is. But holy crap.

Skip this if you don't want movie spoilers or barely-contained rage.Collapse )

All I'm saying is: imagine a version of this movie where Liam Neeson is a woman.
Do tell me if I'm missing something here.

(Immediately after we watched Taken I made everyone watch Hard Candy.)

Children Will Listen

Workin' on those cards for y'all. :D

I'm almost done reading this book about the history of fairy tales that I got from the library. It rocks. Did you know the original prince in Sleeping Beauty was already married when he found her? And that he got her knocked up while she was, uh, asleep?

My favorite fairy tale used to always be The Twelve Dancing Princesses because it had a secret underground place with gold trees and DEMONS and stuff. I vaguely remember seeing an adaptation of it on some live-action '90s Disney show that had celebrity guest stars (wasn't Mick Jagger an emperor in one episode?).

What was or is your favorite fairy tale?

P.S. I saw Tangled!!! And freaking loved it, okay. Rapunzel's design had every reason to look generic but I dunno, a lot of subtle things made her adorable (freckles!). The environments were scenery porn of the highest calibur. Go see it if you can.

I'm Going to Win

Like a week ago I started writing a post about my gender identity but it mutated into an essay so I put that away and haven't decided what to do with it. Instead of talking about that right now I am just going to issue a large feathery "thank you" to the universe, particularly to my friends, for being so awesome. All of you guys, whether I've talked to you recently or not, whatev, you all in the club and you give me super powers. I worry that I make it sound like I live in constant misery because that's what usually motivates me to post. It's more of a constant up-and-down, the ups being REALLY up, like "Don't let me out of the house or I'll start making out with trees" up and the downs being... well okay you've seen the downs. As of right now, things are pretty swell and I should probably post more on days like this.

Currently Obssessed With:
- fairy tales/folklore
- my muse
- sculpting
- ANIMATED FILMS there aren't enough of them to keep me satisfied
- this guy's voice (this guy's voice) thanks Beth <3
- musical theater
- performance art/process art/installation/ART/ART/ART

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet

Halloween costume sketches:

What I can find at the Goodwill will probably play a large part in how exactly this turns out. Ideally we will go somewhere that I'll be able to drag my jump rope around after me.

Orange Octopi and Sticky Dels

So yesterday a team of six fez-wearing Honduran bats flew in through my bedroom window and dropped off some very exciting mail.

The inaugural issue of Orange Octopus!

I blasted through this tightly-packed chunk of Martian gold in one sitting. It is seriously an amazing little gem of a zine that left me feeling awesome. I cannot pick a favorite entry and I cannot recommend it enough. I've read everything in it at least twice since it arrived, for real. When copies go up for sale on Etsy, you can bet that I will leave a Johnny-Appleseed-style trail of links all over these great Internets.

And there was birthday madness!Collapse )

Dear Sfé: This is amazing and I am going to eat you (with love). Or give you late birthday gifts. I'll leave it a surprise.

Noodle Arms and Eyeballs

I finally scanned all of my Artslam drawings! But I am not resizing and uploading that crap right now, no ma'am. Instead, you can have Jes, Celeste and me (twice) as Adventure Time characters.

Look look look look look look look.Collapse )


Also I'm sure I've mentioned this EVERYWHERE ELSE but hey, eyeballs! Available now in my Etsy shop!

Arhrhhrhrhhrrrgh larghrrhrrgh.

a paintingCollapse )